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Deeluxe standard liners size 26/26.5


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I'm looking for a pair of the standard liners. I have a pair of the 100% moldable liners. I've had them molded twice by a pro, and once by myself, and nothing feels as good as the semi-moldable liners out of my ski boots. I would like to try out a pair of the deeluxe standard liners if someone has a pair kickin around.



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Are they the grey ones you're looking for? They are kind of heat mold at the bottom. I have 26's from Deeluxe Suzukas. I'd have to dig them out of a bin for a pic if you're interested. Same liners as in this pic:


Same as these, but mine are in much better condition. I used them about 6 days before switching to Intuitions. They were new when purchased:


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They are kind of moldable... don't really stay that way. They aren't superb liners to be honest!! Maybe you should try your ski boot liners? I have the non-wrap (traditional tongue) Intuitions and they are just fine. Good luck finding something :)

Cute kid btw! We're expecting our first in a few months, can't wait.

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