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Plattekill Mountain gathering 2/1/2013


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A large group of riders will be at Plattekill Ski Resort on Friday, February 1. This day is "Riders appreciation day" and all riders pay $15 for a lift ticket. Check out the events page on their calender. http://plattekill.com/events/winter-events-calendar

Add your name to the list if you think you can make it:

1) Mark (Jtslalom)

2) Dave

3) Mike (Carvingbassist)

4) Joe (Caferacer)

5) Ann

6) John

7) Kevin (Marks nephew)

and quite a few more from Johns work. Hopefully Eric J, grobm, and many other locals will make it. Try to make it if you can and post your name to the list. Hope to see a huge group of carvers there.

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I checked the Plattekill website and only 16 trails are open for today (Sat 1/26/13). The weather is not going to get any better than it is now for making snow so I don't think they will have many more open. However, Belleayre is running a $30 lift ticket special this Friday so I think it is a better idea to head to Belleayre instead. There are a few people leaving from your area rwbthedc. I think John is. I will tell him to post aasap. I am leaving from Vernon NJ (Same town as Mountain Creek). If you can make it here by 6:30 I will be happy to drive.

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Plattekill, Friday,

Would like to have an update on this from the organizers. Is it going to happen? I am planning to attend, but there have been some negative posts. It's plenty cold, so we should have a good time. I don't want to waste an hour of driving from Windham x2. Lift tickets are $20.00, it's rider appreciation day!!!!!

Why not come to Windham on Sat. and Sun. and ride with me, after Plattekill?

Oops! This post is apparently from '13. I guess I will stay at Windham on Friday thru Sunday.

Thanks, Bricky

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