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FS: Volkl RT 168/178 & Burton Factory Prime plus Cateks


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hi there! long time.

thanks to several factors (grumpy knee, change in careers, etc) - i've been off the hill for a couple seasons. I hate having gear sit and not be enjoyed by at least someone.

here's what i got available:

Volkl RT 178 - lightly used, couple dings on the tip and side, base is awesome, binding marks on topsheet. this thing is a blast to ride. Imagine all the springy fun of the 168 with 10 extra centimeters to make it faster. includes Bomber bag




Volkl RT 168 - this was my "face hurts from grinning" board. come out of a turn, stomp on the tail and it would completely lift out of the snow! everything you have heard about this board is true. great condition, couple dings and binding marks. includes Bakoda bag



Burton Factory Prime 185 - this is custom race stock from the Burton Factory. it has a LOT of damping in the layers. it's beat to hell - i'm pretty sure you will not get another edge dressing out of it. But lord, is it a stupidly fun board to ride. imagine a couch doing 100mph. i will pretty much throw this board in with the first thing bought for the price of additional shipping/packing ($25 with board, $50 with bindings)



Catek Step-in Bindings

I'm keeping one board (my custom Coiler 169 All-Mtn with a mixed TD bindings), but don't really need a 2nd set of bindings. these are Catek Step-ins. I'm not sure if i have the non-step in parts, I don't think so. Pretty sure those are bomber cant plates in the upper left...those are available as well.


Ok...i have no idea what the current pricing for gear, so make me an offer on anything above - shipping to CONUS and Canada will figured at purchase so i can combine and save you money if possible. I would like to see at least $250 apiece for the Volkl's, $125 for the cateks but we'll see what the market will bear.

local pickups can be available for Ottawa, Boston, NYC but I need to know ASAP!

thanks again and i won't lie - i have missed this community.

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