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2010 COILER 164 sl for sale


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I'm selling a 2010 COILER 164 slalom board. COILER sidewall spec T164SL 010JC1-7.0+5. The board has 40-50 days on it, 85% edge life left. Maintained at the Speed Factory. 164 overall length, 20.5cm waist width, and a vsr average of 10m. The board was built for me at 190lbs, but was used by a 170lb Nor-am racer with great success last season. The tail is beefed up a little more for extra pop coming out of the end of a turn, along with a nice taper, this board transitions really quick. IMO the next best thing after a Kessler or an SG when looking at it as a slalom board. As far as a free riding carving board, as good if not better than the World Cup brands mentioned above. This board can be seen in action at www.Vimeo.com, search Team 32 2010 video. The goon in the 1st scene in the red and black flannel checking out the goods first run on the board. The board was used with a VIST plate for 1/2 of last season, so the top sheet does show normal wear and tear from the VIST plate. $500+ shipping.

First to pay gets the board, not 1st to show interest .


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Jtdds, sorry we sold that one last month. My bad I should have posted that it was sold.

Tex, the T32 sticker has lost it's currency. The large one in the picture above, are getting tossed around like an std. A couple years ago it was a big ticket item. I've scene grown men do some pretty foolish things to earn a T32 sticker. One GUY is still earning his , I made a deal with him in 2010. The deal was that he had to wear black woman's mittens until 2014 for his sticker.

Just sayin!

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