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bone head maneuver


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Guess who drove away from the rental place with his ski racks unbuckled? New donek with Nxt FRX/girlfriends roxy/and daughters chopper all did the space shuttle rollover as I pulled onto the highway. Cheesed but all repairable and rideable, thank goodness. Just look like park boards now and the Donek looks like it has gate rash... base and edges ok! Head cold+Kids+rentals=disaster. I see some 2 part epoxy in my near future. Happy New Year!


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Happened on the way home. We were all grateful that no one was injured in our vehicle and we(I) caused no one else harm. 26 years of boarding and never did this. It's funny how you can forget something so simple. An expensive lesson. I'm so used to riding alone so my gear rides shotgun instead of on the roof. I shared my move so that you all don't do what I did. Always check your gear! Many of my friends have been recently reporting equipment failures too

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I learned a few years ago that a Thule ski box will withstand 120 kms per hour with the top open. For some reason (still can't believe) it's contents stayed put. The interesting part was that for many miles no one alerted us to it. The picture of skiis flying off the roof always reminds me of the Warren Miller staged footage of the Ford Pinto wagon dumping it's contents on the highway rack and all. You have just created a new family memory:1luvu:whose kids won't remember this ?

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