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If you had actual digit injury i don't think wrist guard will be much help as far as covering the finger. but they will help to prevent over extension of wrist and that may help with pain. Splinting the fingers in conbination with wrist guards may be the best option fitting a mitt or glove over the guards is an issue if you have large hands but i find a gauntlet style leather mitt works good . Visit skateboard shop for wrist guards. Pushing yourself off the snow with splayed fingers isn't much fun with injured digits.

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I agree with lowrider, get some wrist guards that fit you properly. As extra insurance at times I've taped all four fingers together (KT Tape works great) and use mittens thus keeping all digits together lessening the chance of injury to them (IMO).

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A wrist guard will not prevent injury to your fingers! As others already said, a good glove will help some way with that.

What you really should do to prevent injury to your wrists, and fingers, is learn how to fall!

Dont extend your arm behind you when you fall on your back! Keep your fingers together. Make fists if you feel uncertain about the terrain/if you will go through upright.

This may also help you increase body tension, and improve your riding.

Another note on wristguards: they don't exactly prevent injury at all. If you have a bad fall, they try to save your wrists, but the power doesn't just disappear. The way they work, they may instead break your lower arm!

(which is generally preferable to a broken wrist, but still hurts!)

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