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Mt High or Summit?


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My allegiance is to Snow Summit as they are the closest resort for me. I like that they have some nice groomers without any features on them that carvers can enjoy. Chair 7 and 10 areas are great with near perfect pitches and relatively light crowds on those two chairs. Grooming is always top notch.

Terry W and I were up there on Thursday for a morning session of carving and the snow was great on Summit Run and Miracle Mile. Chair 7 did open while we were there so we took a trip over there and found the snow to be hard. It needed a groomer on it to make it good which has happened in the last two days and they also opened Log Chute all the way to the bottom. Should be good conditions as this storm moves in and will keep the temps down. Hope this helps

I am sure there are a few Mtn High advocates out there, you know who you are. I have only skied at Mtn High so I can't give you true perspective so I will leave that up to Lance and George, Theo too if he sees this post/

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Mt High was super fun. Mostly chalky snow with some softer spots but very fun. Saw another hard booter on a small asym. He was carving well and got his fair share of hoots and hollers. Just like most of us carvers. We took a few disjointed runs together and eventually said our goodbyes in the lot. I took the ejection seat, rear exit from a toe side carve that my tired legs couldn't hold on to. Did an awesome back/shoulder plant. I think it rattled me enough to forget his name. I'll be going up tomorrow with the girlfriend but I plan to sneak out for a few runs. Happy Holidays everyone!

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Mtn. High has been really good since they re-opened. Been up about three times and had fun. Night carving is really good as there have been small amounts of people. The cold temps are good for this. Keeps the crowds down. Trying to get up for half day today and all day tomorrow (Christmas Day). As well as multiple times after that. Anyone interested in meeting up, post to this thread.

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Didn't meet up with Slopestar today at Mtn. High, but had fun with my son. Man, I have never seen sooooooooo many people playing in the snow. Less people on the mtn. then playing in the snow along the road. A little upset with Mtn. High for letting all the "snow-play" people take up the entire parking lot and those of us who "paid" to board or ski the mountain had to walk and walk and walk! Make the snow play people park along the road and let the "PAYING CUSTOMERS" park in the parking lots. Pull your head out Mountain High!!!!!!! Merry Christmas to everyone by the way!

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