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Waht are the best carving runs at Heavenly (Tahoe)


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I will be at Heavenly (for the first time) Christmas week. Though I’ve ridden at a couple resorts in Tahoe, it’s been a while - and not yet at Heavenly. It would be great if I could spend most of my time on good carving runs rather than spending a day or so trying to figure out where they are. Could anyone recommend 2 or 3? Thanks!

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Olympic, hands-down (pun optional). It's a shorter run, but the lift is a high-speed quad now, and the pitch and width are the perfect sweet spot. Most likely run to find other hardbooters too, and there's almost never a lift line! Upper Stagecoach is steeper, and fun when it's groomed. Galaxy is a mellow surfy carve run, but the lift is slow, and it might not be open yet. Canyon/High Roller on the CA side can be great when the park is set up, since most of the jibbers go into the trees after the park features, and the groom below stays clean all day. Also, Comet is a good one, except when the upper part gets crowded/chopped. Ridge Run is good for the view -- get it early before the snow gets destroyed.

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