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Helmet OVO Bomber experience?


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I am looking for a new helmet because I don't like my RED.

PSR attended me for the OVO Bomber,http://www.ovousa.com/helmet_bomber.asp .

I like the helmet but I have to buy this helmet by internet because they don't sell this item in Europe. Who has some experience with this helmet?

Want to know about comfort in cold and warm temps, fit,

and room for my ears because the RED hurts my ears after a halfaday of riding.

Thanks in advance,

Greets, Hans.

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I’m not trying to plug the OVO, but I got one 2 years ago, and I ill NEVER use anything other than an OVO. I have the Titan, and it saved my ass several times. And not even a scratch. Definitely the best helmet on the market.

That’s my 2 cents.


If you pop out the ear plugs and you ride with music, the Sony behind-the-neck headphones are a perfect fit


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I didn't like my red either, luckily they screwed up another part of my order so I got to send the helmet back and they paid ship both ways! I can understand what Baka is saying about not being able to try it on, but if you don't have many other options, so be it.

I just got mine in the mail this afternoon. Wore it like a kid around the house for probably a half hour. Tried it with the Oakley A-frame Goggles and found a strange phenomenom. When I tried it with my wife's silver frame goggles it fit great. When I tried it with my clear frame googles they were tight around the nose area. All other things being equal, it was a bit strange. But the wife is expecting and the season is over before it started for her, so I guess I'll just have to use hers.

Anyway to get back to topic:

What's neat about the Titan and the Bomber are that they both have sizing attachments that are sent with the helmet. You can go from a size 55-59 centimeter head just by putting in the included pads. Oh and one other thing the Ovo people said. Their helmets are made to fit the "average North American head" which is oval not round. So if your head is more round than oval (measure just above eyebrows around farthest part of head) don't go for it, mellonhead. teehee But seriously it's impossible for me to give you a real eval other than my first impression. Things I can say:

Quality looks great, everything matches up nicely.

All the components look top notch, especially the Carbon Fiber:)

The chin strap is padded so you don't feel the actual strap material.

The Titan has "wings" so you won't have premature goggle ejection.

There appears to be many vents in the top and back of the helmet, so hopefully it does what the propaganda says it does.

There is a guy selling them on eBay named RWSETT@aol.com that will give you a good deal off-eBay. I don't normally recommend going off eBay due to the recent proliferation of scam artists, but since you can insure your orders on paypal even if they weren't on eBay it ain't no thing but a chicken wing on a string with the bling.

I should go to sleep.

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