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If anyone is on the same po-man budget I am; there is no buying new bindings:

Pressure on the circular cant/lift disks of Bomber TD1s can create circular impressions in the topsheet (usually half-circles). You can bevel the edges of the disks with a file' date=' or you can add a gasket underneath the bindings. If you add a gasket, you have to increase the thickness of the bumpers by a corresponding amount with a washer, and you might also need longer bumper screws and binding screws. Older Donek topsheets are rather soft are more susceptible to breakage from Bombers, so Donek provides a gasket to go underneath Bomber TD1 bindings, along with shims of the same thickness to go between the bumpers and the base plate. You should use these gaskets to make sure your Donek warranty remains valid. If you make your own gasket, you can use 1/32" material, like nylon, plastic, P-Tex base material, or Delrin. See the

parts section. You can also use disposable cutting board sheets. You might also need longer screws.

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