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Madd 170 rare graphics


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Time to let go.

Classic and collector's item. Madd 170 for sale with rare topsheet the board was bought new directly from shaggy.

Yellow sidewalls

Prestine condition. Top sheet 9.5 / 10 (very little binding marks) and base 10 / 10 the board is in new condition and been ridded a dozen of times. This board was only taken out on perfect conditions and when it wasn't crowded at all. Board still has all it's camber left and never been grounded.

The only problem with this board it has 1 insert that is spinning. Rear bottom 2nd one on the right side of the board. looks like it's a classic problem with the madds. I've rode the board on this insert and it was never a problem. It's not worst than riding a burton !

Price is 400$ Paypal (gift) + actual schipping cost. I've sold and bought many boards here on bomber. If you have any questions please let me know.

I would also consider a trade for a split board in as good condition... any other trades I'm not intrested.

PM me with questions or for more pictures.


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Hey Kurt. Board is in great shape you won't be disapointed. you know it. I have the box from my coiler and it's ready to go ! :)

I'm running about 19.75 stance.

YA new coiler is great.. I already had 2 people randomly asked what was I doing with such an old board !

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