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crackaddict makes Photo of the Day at Targhee


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Am I famous yet?

I just couldn't drag my old man body out of bed this morning, and that's the one I need for riding so... Sorry I missed you. Hopefully we'll have some more perfect corduroy days soon and I'll catch up with you and Wendy then.

How's the new Donek treating you? I bet you were rocking that thing by the end of the day.

Kelly: how was the SES? Are you planning to cross the pass any time soon? Bring some Daves. The old crew is sorely missed and badly needed here; I just can't wreck all the corduroy by myself every day - there's too much! Colleen is helping some but she needs you to show her how the trenching is done.


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James - SES was awesome! :1luvu: Having a difficult time adjusting to "real" life... :rolleyes:

Thought about heading over this weekend, but no ticket deals on a holiday, and no Daves available.... So another time. But at least my legs are in shape to get my money's worth out of a ticket now, after 7 days of chasing Montucky boys and red neck NC rippers in Aspen...

Glad to help out with Colleen's trenching progression any time! Can maybe give a few pointers online too, if she's interested. Though better in person of course...

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Hey Dave: I rode that Nitro today for a few runs with hard boots. Kind of fun, but it's no metal Coiler. Hope to see you soon.

Marty: You still around? I'll be carving early tomorrow if the visibility is any better than today, and then soft booting in the fresh powder (fingers crossed) on Sunday. Hope to see you too.

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