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board length to rider weight


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That board should work. I weigh about as much as you and have ridden boards in that lenght. I don't know what the weight range is for that board? That lenght will be good for short and or narrow trails and carving at lower speeds. Also a board that size will be eaiser to learn on since you said you are new to the sport. Make sure the edges are sharp so that the board will have good edge hold . Riding with dull edges is no fun especially when you are trying to carve. Later on you may want to have a longer board but keep the 162 for days when you may want to ride it. Good luck and have fun!

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What would be the rider weight range for a 162 burton ultra prime?

You will (eventually) overpower it, but it will be a good board to learn on. Check out the classifieds here when you need something newer.

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It might be a bit narrow for learning. I am still learning and even find a 21.5" board narrow for me.

Hello Steepwater Steep 171 :) that should help me out a bit more.

Don't forget that "appropriate" board width vs learning is almost completely a function of boot size. And what type of board and riding you want to do.

To the OP: started my carving career on a 164 Santa Cruz and a Mistral 167. At the time I was pushing 220. Yes I broke both of these boards down pretty quickly but I had a great time doing it. Both of these are stiffer than the Ultra.

Should do you fine to start with. Once you get dialed in to how the board is flexing you will notice when you bend it too far. Let's hope you do this anyway. It means you are hooking up the edge.

Go. Get. Some. :biggthump

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