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Soft boot binders for big feet

big canuck

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Looking for something stiff, newer in good shape. I have size 12 boots. Like the idea of Flows as I have read decent things about them.



Just be aware that Flows do restrict ankle flex and ideally you need 3 joints for effective riding, hip, knee and ankle. The ankle is needed for fine tuning of the movements you make with the other two.

It is also harder to get much forward lean or highback rotation, if you like to use them.

The K2's should work for you, also have a look at Rome 390's and Targas, the latter being stiffer, both have an extending baseplate and go up to 13.5.

Good hunting!

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if you go flow go high end and you will not look back, If you go cheap You will hate yourself silly. Go with a atx Se version I got them mounted on a split and they are incredible, I rock from waist deep pow on to the groomers and in to the tress they are quick and responsive. Ugly as sin, but they are slowly growing on me... Very Very slowly

I went through Rei for When I eventually do break them... I can return then and get another pair.

Go with a bigger then recommend size. side note. I do not sit down to put them on, I never even stop at the top, they are that nice and fast,

I put them on pair with my stepins from bomber.

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