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My Ski boot experience (kryptons)


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Ok so I got a hold of a pair of Krypton rampage boots for cheap...

to see how they worked out, after my UPZ fiasco!

Well They seem much stiffer than the UPZs and my heads with race tounge, BTS, and krypton liners.

There was no way I could ride them stock, I couldn't set my body into position since I couldn't really flex them much.

SO, what I did was take the cuff off and cut the upper part of the lower shell, so that it was closer to the way a Snowboard HB boot is.

also I left out the cant adjusters so I have a little bit of side play(not really noticable)

see pics:


This made the boot more compliant, I also trimmed the side of the tounge (only on the rear boot) to make it flex more still.

SO, they now had a bit more flex, still quite a bit stiffer than the SB boots, but I was able to get into "riding position" now.

RESULTS, well this was on my kessler 185, and I have about 9deg of rear lift with burton race plates, and a 22.25" stance. 57deg front/51deg rear

Im not sure I like the way they made me ride. while yes I could carve harder, and pressure the edge more, it was much less forgiving, it made me really pressure the nose, and on toe sides I was folding the nose too much.

It felt harder to "flow" anytime the snow got bumpy the board would get twitchy. I felt like there was no recovering if you screwed up.

Im going to mod the boots a tiny bit more and see.

I suppose if all you did was race/train they might be good, but I wanted to go back to my heads after a few runs

maybe for someone who rides with a narrower stance/higher angles, it might work out better.

I did like the aspect of being able to pressure the edge more but having to flex the boot into position made it tough, it was like it was good in the middle of the turn, but more work anywhere else.

I just want a boot that is stiff but easily flexed into position first. thats the one thing id change about my heads, more support at the top of the cuff so I can "lean" into it more.

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Flexing boots into position is the result of bad stance. I ride Dalbello Voodoo ski boots that are stiffer than those brown kryptons and have no problems "flexing" into position, since I never do that.

At this point I don't do "freecarving" much at all. It's all fast race carves and gate training.

They are fold proof boots and you can totally pressure the snot out of boards. They are extremely unforgiving but I got used to that after a day.

If I try, I can flex the boots to the same extent as I can my ankle, so I'm not losing any range of motion.

You have major stance problems to sort out.

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I was also thinking the same thing about "flexing into position"... In neutral "ready to ride" position, boots should be neutral too, or ever so sligthly pressured on the shins. In various parts of the turn you flex them as required.

KC, I see you did the full circle... You started with Dalbello ski boots, did few others in the mean time, to end up on the Dalbellos again. ;)

I think I'd get my non-BTS spare Dalbellos out, just to see how it feels compared to the softened version I rode for few years.

Oh, btw, I did about same amount of cutting in mine, as DB shows on his pics. They are CarveX, though.

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