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TD3 Cant/Lift Math Question


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From the Carvers Almanac, and an old post I found by Jack, I have:

Cant = arctan(tan(a) × cos(b)) or a × cos(b)

Lift = arctan(tan(a) × sin(b)) or a × sin(b)


a = Cant in Deg along the long axis of board; and

b = Binding angle

This is fine for the cant disc at 90 deg but I'm having trouble figuring out what it would be when the cant disc is rotated. I know the 'a' value will change but I can't work out the formula for it.

The TD2 Tweak-O-Matic shows the results very nicely but I can't figure out how they did it.

Any ideas from the more math inclined folks here?


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lafcadio: Ahhhh, I missed that. THANKS! This is exactly what I need.

West Carven: I have used the TD2 Tweak-O-Matic to get a rough location for my TD3's and then I tweaked them once they were on the board and I rode it a bit.

This is more of an intellectual challenge than real need. I'm having a play with the Google App Inventor for Android and thought that making my own Tweak-O-Matic would be a good way to learn to program as well as build something useful that doesn't need a data connection and flash to run.

I thought about building this app a while ago when I was standing in the car park at Keystone swapping bindings from a RT 178 to a Sims Daytona. I lowered the angles to fit onto the Daytona and then had a lot of staring at the bases before I remembered which way the cant's went. I know the setup is easy but I was cold and in a hurry which didn't help :-)


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howdy mattj

dude throw out the numbers and look at your board put the binding

angles so you dont get boot overhang. stance with is what ever feels

comfortable. dude dont over think it, feel it and adjust accordingly.

+1, I don't understand some of the obsession with exacting numbers.

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