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AF700/Indy/Intuition a la carte sales event! M29-30


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EDIT: Indys, standard liners, RAB are sold; AF700s and Intuitions still available

I went through a lot of combinations of shells and liners and footbeds to get a workable fit. I now have something that does work, so I'm offering up the pieces I can't use a la carte (since you may have to do the same thing I did).

1. Raichle AF700 shells, M30. Race tongue (yes, it says "Race"). Pretty good condition except I had to fix the ankle joints. I actually detailed my fix on BOL last season, so you can see exactly. I think the fix is much better than the original rivet. This is a pretty common problem. The boots I just got have a similar fix. No stripped heel t-nuts, buckles work positively (no slipping) and they're tight. No lean mechanism or RAB (RAB for sale separately; I have only one). $100 + shipping

2. Deeluxe Indy shells, M29. Regular tongue. Buckles work with no slipping but the rivets are a bit loose. Shouldn't be too hard to fix. No stripped threads. The last ladder on the arch strap is broken off... when I tried to clamp this down molding the Luxury Liners. I have much too high of an arch, I guess. Ankle joints are fine. $100 + shipping. No lean mechanism or RAB (see item 5). SOLD

3. Intuition Luxury High-Volume Gold Liners, M29. Molded once. The M29 Indys were letting my feet twist around and my heel lift, and I couldn't find M28s so tried these high-volume liners. They are thicker all the way around, and have a thick sole (so you don't need a footbed, they say). This created new problems, worse than just a sloppy fit. I have a wide forefoot and large big toe, and the toe box didn't have enough room vertically, so that was a tight fit. Worse was the fact that it added too much volume to my instep. People swear by these but they're not for me... if you have a narrow forefoot and/or thin toes these might be the ticket to a decent fit. $70 + shipping. I molded these exactly following yyzcanuck's detailed instructions, including monitoring the oven temperature (oven off while liners in).

4. Raichle M30 Standard Liners for AF700. In pretty good condition, comfortable except didn't take up enough volume in the M30s or M29s (the fit fine in the M29s). I have no idea how much these go for, so how about $15 + shipping? SOLD

5. One RAB with brass springs for AF700/Indy. I'll throw this in for free with the first boot purchase, if buyer wants. But a BTS is a huge improvement, I just found. This would probably only be useful for a hard and/or heavy rider. On the Indys it barely moves; the plastic does all the flexing. On the AF700 it moves for me, but it takes a serious commitment! If no one wants this with boots, I'll sell for $15 + shipping. Not sure what the going price is, but it's a lot cheaper than a BTS. I'll include pins since I have only one set. TAKEN W/ INDYS

I think that's it! I'll ship USPS or UPS, as desired by buyer.

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Here are photos. The red/black are the Raichle M30 standard liners, gold/black the Intuition. Note they're tongue-style--forgot to mention that. The orange shells are Indys, the black are AF700s. The AF700s have Fintec heels on currently but those are not included; I have to put the standard heels back on.




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