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Another crack in my HSP


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Alright, this isn't so much a worry as the last crack under the tongue but still very, very frustrating. Anyone else crack the strap on the third buckle ie the one that's on the pivot? How do I source this out? Anyone had experience with getting individual replacement parts from Head? When is this going to stop!...when I buy Deeluxe? Huh...


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FWIW - a couple of years ago I inquired about replacement liners via Head's website and a rep from Baltimore emailed saying they didn't have replacement parts BUT they would replace the entire pair for me?!?!? Which, in fact, they did even though I was the one that fubar'd the liners. Send me an email if you want me to dig up the reps contact info.

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You nailed it!

Think Snow!

and they break too.

there's no perfect boot.

some people destroy certain models of boots. I can destroy sb series raichle/deeluxe boots pretty quick as for some reason the things that hold the cuff together explode on me. the 700s are better but I eventually blew those up too but that took a couple hundred days so in my book the 700 is a rugged boot. head, no trouble yet, over 50 days on those.

the last generation of the burton boots were rugged for me but others were cracking them.

UPZ, fine so far. low mileage though.

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A broken cuff rivet is much easier to remedy than a blow/cracked out cuff. Any "good" shop will have replacement parts and ofter are better than the origional.

As for the UPZ's, just give em time they will fail. Cracked cuffs and cheapo exploding buckles were my biggest issues. Eight different buckles on em scounged for the box o parts within a 2 months of being on em. Eventually tossed em in the trash.

Think Snow!

yeah, the buckles on my current UPZs are better than a older pair I had, way better. I still think there's too many and the placement is retahhhhhded though.

I don't use my UPZs much because they blow to walk in. worse than ski boots.

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