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Catek FR2 Pro Carbon


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Alright so right off...I'm no carver. I know virtually nothing about any of this stuff. I bought these bindings I think in 2007 from Caron Alpine Technologies (? - I'll see if I can find the original confirmation email/receipt etc.). I put them on my big ass K2 Eldorado 180. This was the old Eldo design...the ones made in Vashon...stiff, fast and heavy. It is the first board I ever owned bought from Buzz's Board shop in Vail in like 1994. Anyway...I digress.

So these bindings are as pictured...pretty much like new. I believe I rode them here in Jackson Hole at the resort twice. That is it. The board and bindings have sat in my heated garage ever since. The weirdness on the one rail where the anodizing looks whacked was always that way...I think Catek must have ground or buffed or something in QC to make the spacing right or something??? I wear a size 13 boot and they are setup for that (so most all the spacers are in use I think). Somewhere (?) I think I have stored a little baggy with all the other pieces, parts, spacers, etc. that came with the bindings. I also think I have another baggy somewhere that Catek sent me a year or so later with some "upgraded" parts...I don't recall exactly what they were but I don't think I ever touched any of them.

Anyway, I've got a bunch of stuff to get rid of since I'm such a packrat. If all you want is the bindings as is...that would be awesome. However, I will do my best to find all the other stuff but I can't make any promises.

I will be with family over the holidays and kind of out of touch until Dec 30th. So I thought I'd post this up now...as I've seen a few posts expressing interest in these bindings...apparently Catek is not as easy to work with now as they were for me...Give everyone a shot at seeing this.

Shoot me an email via the forums if you're interested (I don't do any IM...come on, I'm 46. That's old. :-) ) I was thinking $400 ?? But let me know.

I'll be around tomorrow (Dec 21st) but then iffy until the 30th...so hopefully you don't have an urgent need.

Oh here's a link that I think is still totally accurate - http://www.catek.com/freeride.htm

Sorry to be so loooong winded. Just who I am. Now hopefully I figure out the pics posting...

As for references...see BFR over at Teton Gravity Forums. I did a big group sale of about 40 Mammut Barryvox beacons about a year ago. Lots of grins.





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Geo, softie bindings, WTF?!?

You and big man Dave used to be my heros for going everywhere on h/boots with style... Now one has retired and other one going soft. What has this world come to? :D

Oooh man. This is not happening...I nd to :barf:...is it the BC weather:(, we need snow to cure them:o. Carvers let's have Emergency meeting maybe a few KEG of SLEEMAN will cure them ;)


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