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FS- Raichle Sz 28 men's hardboots $80


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I bought these boots from a semi-pro racer last year. They are a bit too big for me and i never got around to fitting them with Fin-Tec heel kits so they've sat quietly in a closet for a while. I have tried the boots on twice in the last year and have never ridden them.

They seem to be in great shape, are a softer boot so if you like to ride mellower angles and do more freeride, all mountain types of alpine riding, i've been told by experts that these boots are for you. I was also told that they are no longer carried by Raichle and that may or may not add value to the boots for you.

I can validate my reliability as a responsible online buyer and seller. I have a 100% postitive feedback on eBay and can have Fin with Bomber or Sean with Donek vouch for me.

I'll take 80 dollars for them and you can pay however you like, cash if you're in the Denver area, mail a check, paypal... If I need to ship the boots, we'll discuss that later.

Thanks! ian.donek @ gmail


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Wingnuts514 - I bought a pair of used Raichle's this winter off BOL and was informed by the seller to buy a size down when buying Raichle's. I wear a size 10 street shoe and my foot measures just over a 28 in Mondo Point sizing but, in the Raichle boots, a size 27 fits just right. The boots are snug to the point that they are a bit uncomfortable when cold and unbuckled, but 5 minutes in and buckled tight they fit perfect. Hope that helps.

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hmm I am thinking about buying these but the color is killing me...:freak3:

Colors are not that bad when they are on the snow...3 buckle boot with a velcro strap is a good combo for a softer hard boot setup.

These are just like my first set of hard boots and I still see guys on the hill wearing them.

Price is right,


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Yeah that's a good point. I just saw a guy using these boots at Winter Park not more than 3 weeks ago.

I checked with Jenifer at Donek- she's an expert on international shipping. She's pretty sure I can ship the boots for 40-50 USD...

I can get these in the mail as soon as you'd like... I really could use the money for rent ha.

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