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Head Stratos Pro Dealers in tri-state area


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I am trying to track down a dealer in the Cleveland,Buffallo , Pittsburgh or Erie area that sells the Head Stratos Pro boots so I can try them on and see if they are worth investing in.I need a size 10 (28) boot ,If anyone has used ones and wants to sell let me know.thanks.

:rolleyes: DITTO :cool:

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I have size 12 feet on pretty much every shoe I own and I squezzed into a 28.5 Stratius Pro with some boot fitting and a custom liner (Conformable)

I had 29's in years past and i'm very happy with the 28.5's

I had to adjust my bindings down quite a bit actually when I went to the 28.5's

it is a bit of a process and will cost some dough but I feel it's worth it

All the more reason to try a set on before you buy I guess

Hope that helps to some degree


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eastcoastrider, I didn't look up Waterford,Pa., but you'd be more than welcome to try my boots on for size & fit. They are Head Stratos 27.5. I ride Blue Mtn. and work in Breinigsville, Pa. If that would help. Don't skimp on boots and get the right size the first time & you'll be happy :).

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