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Photos from Whistler


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Here are a few more photos from Whistler. Swiss house was hopping last night after the two golds. Then Didier Defago and Dario Cologna showed up. The place went nuts. I give Switzerland the gold medal for fan support. They are everywhere, carrying cowbells the size of buckets. Poles take silver for enthusiasm. Estonia and Ukraine share a sentimental bronze for friendliness.








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Luge was cool. Standing right by the rail, the sleds would come by and make you jump. Apparently, the bobsleds are even scarier. They sound like trains. How any sane person could do this is beyond me.

I did the bobsled at Calgary Olympic Park - pay them enough and they have professional drivers run you down the 88 Olympic track in a kosher sled. It was the longest 60 seconds of my damn life. Inside the sled it's all roaring noise, your helmet smashing and bouncing on the side, and the g-forces making you feel like your head is going to rip right off your neck. I had whiplash for a week afterwards.

Luge and skeleton is even crazier - and those guys and girls are SMOKING down that Whistler track. As my English friend would say "balls the size of coal sacks" ...

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Saw Jon Montgomery win gold on Friday. Whistler went nuts. The village is getting more and more crowded. I think the word has spread that the Whistler experience is friendlier and more intimate than Vancouver. Went to the Latvia - Slovakia hockey game yesterday and I didn't like the crowds in Van. On my way home tomorrow. Sure wish I could stay for the PGS but I know a huge contingent of Oshawa Lowriders (Matt's club) will be there. I'll be jumping up and down in front of the TV.

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