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Winter Olympics Bi-Athlon Rifle?


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What kind of rifle and ammunition are they using?

It almost doesn't even seem like real bullets.

And the rifle sights look weird, along with the bolt-action feature.

It seems so cheap and not powerful, and yet at the same time it seems like the most high-end rifle there is.

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What about the rifle itself?

The bolt-action seems a little weak.

and the Scope/sight seems sketchy.

Bolt action is preferred for any sniping activity as it is quieter (i.e., creates less shaking in the weapon) and provides superior accuracy to automatic mechanisms.

What do you mean by the scope/sight being sketchy? Because they are non-optical? The shooting distance for biathlon is 50 meters (160 ft.) At that distance, optical sights take all the skill out of shooting. I can shoot fairly accurately with iron sights with a pistol at 50 meters. Iron sights on a rifle up to 300 meters out provides a challenge but for a good shooter is not a problem accuracy wise.

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