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Coiler NSR story


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This is warning story.

Ordered my first NSR winter 2009 with help of instructions by Bruce.

183 with Vist inserts. Damn waht board, it did everything i ever wanted it to do. It was great board to run on free carving and blast on track. One thing i loved at forst run was tail of it. Our slopes her eare small and biggest problem is to keep constant good speed whn making turns, they normally eat your speed very easy. But no, not with NSR, you could get out of turn easily with nice speed.

Plus as additional benefit that board worked as easily also on steeper slopes.

So on spring i orders shorter one 168 to see how that concept works with shorte board and survive in more crowded days. No problems, it was just as easy to ride as long one. Great board for crowded days but fully ridealble also with bigger fast turns.

SO for this season i place order for 177/23cm wide and 177/16.5cm wide ones to see how that shape works on wider and more narrow board. What balst they are, even specs are otherwise same except wide, they give me twp totally different rodes due riding technic with both are quite different. Both have enormous edgehols ans other NSRs and they go thru all rut in slope with very stable way, and best is that they dont require too m uch effort by rider so i can run more runs per day.

I love these boards, my biggest problem is to pick board to start with in morning :1luvu:


Just had chat with Bruce about m 168 and he reminded that even board was built as NSR it was built with 3 radiuses, note that VSR's did not exist that time :)

Anywa to keep story short, board rides well, just tighter than other real NSR's. Sidecut of this is 12/16/14

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Nice review Pokkis. What's the main difference between those 177 NSR's because of the width like edgehold, forgiveness, ridingperformance?

Can you also pressure the nose of these Coiler boards without having the chance to flip over what I have with my Coiler Schtubby X2? (made several noseflips with this board).

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Updated original story due i've forgot something about my 168 :eek:

Hans, me being not with narrow ones now like several years, biggest difference is riding technic for me. Now i pick narrow if slope is good condition and wide if it is less perfect due i like better balance with it.

Plus 177W is my current favourite one :1luvu:but i try to spend as much time also with narrow one.

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