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made my first atempt at carving last week @ Blue. Mnt. didn't go as well as I had hoped, attempted turning as explained on extreme carving video clips / rotating upper body then waiting for the board to follow, should I be appling my weight on the front foot, or kicking the the board out with my rear foot, or balanced on both?

any advice would be appreciated :confused:

thanks eric

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Next time give us a heads up. If I am going to be on the hill, I would be more than happy to offer a few on hill pointers. As I was learning on hill advice went about 1000x better than electronic teaching.

Keep low binding angles to start. Early on toe and heel drag wont be an issue then as you get the concept, angles and go up little by little.

I would also start with big open arcs, by "tilting", tight arcs and deep carving will not come right away. Its not as ez as JBS makes it look:biggthump

What board are you on? That can be influencial.

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Thanks Chubz, I’m @ Blue every Thur. till 2/11/10 also could make it another week day if it’s easier for you


Current angles are 60 for the lead and 55 for the rear foot


Two possible boards Hooger Booger 161 comp or Rossignol 166 dualtec I’ve tried both and preferred the Hooger Booger

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