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Evil carving camps

Bobby Buggs

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Evil Sports is sponsoring some carving camps at Berkshire East on weekends in 2010.

People interested in learning the Carve Fathers "Ice coast technique" style of alpine riding this is your chance. The goal is to empower people with the Vision of Success along with a strong foundation and understanding of what is needed to deliver efficient and maximum energy to the edge of your board. We will work on balance, stance, and body position along with a strong emphasis on Angulation.

Post here if you would like to try and attend. There is no fee for these camps however we must limit the attendance to a max of 6 riders per session.

Look for reviews here from people that have experienced EVIL and what this has done for their skill development.

Bob Russell

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I was lucky enough to get helped by bob last year during the 'Rally at the Thunder Dome'. It was my first year on a hardboot setup, and due to not knowing anyone on a hardboot setup, and few of them at my local mountain, I was not totally clear on how to achieve the results I wanted. I spent much time reading articles and reading the forum posts, but until I had someone to watch in person, and to watch me, and tell me what I was doing wrong, did I see dramatic improvement.

I went from some shaky non-consistent carving in the morning to a solid confident carve the entire way down the hill by the afternoon. It was a true 'oh, so that's how you do it' experience. I learned more in that one day then I did all winter. I then used that knowledge to further refine the technique at my own mountain for the rest of the year, and continue to do so this year. We plan on getting together this Sunday for a refresher, and I can't wait to show him how I have progressed (or so I think :) ), and to get shown how to improve even more (because I know I need it!)

I greatly appreciate the help that bob gave, and it is great to have people in the sport like this that are will to sacrifice their own carving time to help others.

Thanks Bob!

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true, but PSR isn't a far drive from there.

Very true, and in my 24 years of riding I've had exactly ONE lesson, an informal one, from a guy on a hill where he wasn't an instructor but was the best rider on the hill so the ski-school sort of winked at the whole deal - PSR in fact. None of the guys wearing a Stratton jacket thought he was undercutting them.

I've been away from the sport for a while, but it seems to me that the vibe used to be maybe a little more casual - guys with an extra clue shared with guys who might have been short of one in some area. A one-upsmanship contest like that going on among some of the dudes on this DB would have been inconceivable - we would have mocked them into invisibility.

In any event, any fee at all would make lessons an economic absurdity for me - since it's not a great year for the Theatre professional (most years aren't). But barter still works great, and if I can repay a favor with ski-lessons, or golf lessons or clubs, or theatre tix, why that will obviously happen.

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true, but PSR isn't a far drive from there.

Jack you have your feelings on this and I have mine. First let me start by saying I have been one of PSRs biggest advocates over the years. I felt I was causing him any sort of economic injury I would refrain. Last address I had for him was a good 2 plus hours away from Berkshire east. No way he is coming all the way down here to teach, he would lose $$ doing it.

Its not like Im going to Stratton and doing this or trying to do it an an ECES.

Please dont ship my jacket to me, Im going to have it sent to My embroider in NH, I will provide you the address.

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Jonny give me a shout and fill me in our your trip to the City

Crazy, bro - audition Monday, callback for that and two other auditions tuesday, now an audition for something ELSE today, so I'm heading back down shortly. All a little stressful even for someone who's been at it a while - think of the first run at a new hill with a bunch of carvers you don't know. You know your skills, but what if you sketch one right into the woods off the lift?

Tough, because I know that if I get any of these I'm pretty much done riding for the year, but how'm I gonna pay for lift tix if I don't???

Fun times at B-E on Sunday. Next time I'll bring my backup SL board for you to fool around on.

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