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I just bought a softshell at the Columbia employee store because it was a good $ . We have a friend that works as a designer there and they expect them to be popular. Mountain Hardware (now owned by columbia) had the first ones out last year. I guess they sold alot and now every company has them, Columbia borrowed there design since they are in-house now.

I let you know how mine works, it is supposed to be waterproof/breathable with taped seams and a goretex like membrane.


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Jim: I'll be very interested to know how well that works for you.

I met a guy at Sun Peaks last spring, who rode mostly Seattle area. He had some sort of marmot softshell that he spoke very highly of. Said it completely repelled the soggy rain/snow mush of the PNW, which surprised me, and that he never really wore anything under it, always just about the right warmth. I tried to figure out which it was on the marmot website later, but the color patterns must be different. I think it was the Super Hero Jacket, but on his the black and colored parts were reversed.

I spoke a bit with a guy in a mountain hardware softshell, the one with a grey napoleon pocket, on a particularly 35 degree BLEH day on mt hood last season. He claimed it was keeping him dry, and was actually to warm for most days.

I'd like a new jacket anyhow, so I'm thinking I'll just pay the slight premium on REI's price so that I can try out anything they got until I find one I like.

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It's like when you go to Taco Bell and order a Chicken Soft shell taco. Kind of a soft and flexible jacket covering a Chicken. The kind when you bite it, it doesn't make noise, just you, and depending how hard you bite it dictates how much noise you make. Of course if you wear a softshell it doesn't necessarily make you a chicken, that only happens if you make noise before you bite it.

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