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apple is at it again http://www.apple.com/imac/

its cool but that thing must be hell to take apart it is nice that apple is pushing 64 bit that runs the old code native

though when a PPC 970 laptop comes out I will just have to have one

just to say I have a super spiffy laptop and say things like "is your laptop 64 bit" though in the real world I dont think I would really gain anything from it

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Originally posted by outsider

FYI: Apple INC. can not legally export G4's and above from the states because the US government considers it a weapon. Now doesnt that boost the cool factor a few points.

they can export they just had to get a licence same with intel and AMD with their processors its based on a old law that was made so the commies would not be buying supercomputers from IBM and a couple other companies

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