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WTB - All-Mountain board for smaller rider

Guest thomas_m

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Guest thomas_m

I need an all mountain board in the 150cm - 160cm range for my wife. Needs to have a rounded tail and not too stiff for lighter rider, around 100lbs.

I don't want to shell out big bucks for a custom until she's sure she likes alpine boards as opposed to riding her normal freeride board in hardboots (softboots kill her feet).




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I've seen many small boards on ebay. i would say try www.raceboarders.com click the ebay link, save the search and ebay will automatically notify you of any new items. quite cool. their sites seems to be down now, though.

good luck. also some cheap smaller ones on klugriding.com, including an all mountain one

good luck,



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Guest thomas_m

Thanks for the responses guys.

Yes, I'd like to get her a Prior 4WD, I have a 169 that I like. However, their stock flex in the 159 is for a 150lb rider and she's about 100lbs.

So I'd like to get her something inexpensive to try before I buy a custom board for her weight. She loves the hardboot comfort so if she doesn't like the alpine board, I'll just get her a Donek Incline and be done with it...


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I've got three boards that might work for your friend:

Sims 158 MFR w/Sims Plates - $100

Oxygen F-57 w/Burton Plates - $100

Burton PJ5 no bindings - $50

Of the three, the Oxygen is the softest and is in very nice shape.

Email me for pictures if you are interested - aprelias@hotmail.com

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