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Mt Hood Meadows Season Pass Discount


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Mt Hood Meadows has a season pass deal that begins Sept 1st. It is called the 4 buy 4. A group of 4 people can buy 4 unlimited passes for $400 each. The price if bought solo is $799.

I'm in but I need 3 buddies to group up with me and take advantage of the deal. Email me at timoteo65@yahoo.com or call me in Portland at (503) 699 7068.

I can coordinate forming more than one group if demand exists.


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I'm already in a group for my 4x4....

Also, Timberline has a $149 midweek pass. The email I got from them said that the pass was good for "Midweek and spring". If it means what I think it means... Midweek, non-holiday during the high season, and then 7 days a week starting on or about 3/21/05, then I'm definitely grabbing one of those as well. Palmer usually opens just as the spring rates go into effect... and also, on a low snow year, Plamer will stay open well into the winter... having access to it provides good insurance in a low snow year.

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The blackout dates for the mid-week pass are:


12/20/04 - 12/31/04



Valid 7 days a week beginning April 16th through June 4th including holidays.

With regard to the days of operation (in May) I am relatively sure that we will be open 7 days a week weather permitting.

Tim, you might ping Bryan (www.oldsnowboards.com) as he is already putting groups together... check out the classifieds here at BOL.

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Originally posted by jason_watkins

Save that email MikeT, knowing certain timberline employees, they might be PITA about it.

That's kickass news.

I'm sure they were "relatively sure" they'd run seven days a week in May at this time last year too.

I'll make them commit to operating on the days of the venet, wetaher permitting, before I set up any group rates or anything!

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Hey Tim, sent you an email. My group is full, however I am always happy to put folks together to make up additional groups. Sweet deal!! I will try to give you a call soon. I know Jim M is in the market and I will be happy to send folks your way till you are full. Enjoy!! Bryan

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