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hey Fin


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how is your tele binding doing?

how do you feel about release plates?

I hope its doing well untill a year or two ago tele bindings(all brands excluding a couple) had been stagnant while the skis and boots had been been getting so much better

its good to see new companies bomber included that have some vision that goes beyond what the established names in the industy had in mind

in particular a binding that could handle a aggressive skier on groomed resort conditions and put up with the higher stresses of the boots of today at the same time

also any plans to add a forum to bombertele.com?

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Thanks for asking about our tele side of the business Bob.

Things are actually going really well for us. It has been a hard climb but we are now getting the respect we believe our product deserves. Telemark is a tad :rolleyes: more traditional when it comes to its exceptance to change and new ideas. But this will be our 4th year with the Bishop telemark binding and it is ramping up to be a big one for us.

Obviously, our Bishop binding was designed around maximum edge control (sound familiar). So it is pretty cool now to see these guys realize that they CAN make a carved turn on tele gear. Good stuff.

Forum on BomberTele will probably not happen. There are a ton of great forum sites already for telemark so really no need for another one.

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