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Tremblant expansion


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Plans are underway for another massive expansion of Tremblant mountain, the biggest mountain in the East, 90 minutes North of Montreal.

Intrawest, the company responsible for putting up condo villages at many golf and ski resorts, bought up Tremblant in the late 90's and constructed a huge "family oriented" European looking village with restauraunts, bigass hotels, condos hidden all over the mountain, golf stuff, concert halls, swimming pools, movie theater etc. etc. in order to attract young American families from the East Coast to ski.

Back in 1990 (I was only 4 years old!) Tremblant was a pretty small skiing village where pretty much only core skiers skied and it was an awesome mountain.

Now it's giganormous and it's still an awesome mountain, but jam packed to the brim with snow plowers and side scrapers during most of the winter, revealing deadly boiler plate everywhere, or just clogging up the works. Somehow it doesn't feel right to come down the mountain and line up in this HUGE line going through a town where there's movie theaters around you... there used to be just trees :( I always used to stay on the North side where you could pretend you're in the middle of nowhere in North Quebec and all you could see were spruce trees and good grooming... but now the plans are to make hugeass villages there too.

The total investment is 1$ BILLION!!!! It's going to be huge. Even the Provincial government is putting in 50 million for roads etc.

They only plan to dig a few more trails despite the huge capicity increase in Condos, and likely big advertising campaigns, so Tremblant is going to really really suck during holidays and weekends, but it's going to be AWESOME when it's abandoned on Thursdays :)

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I've never liked Tremblant, it's a skier's mountain, not a snowboarder's mountain because of the way it is laid out. Steep in the beginning, flat in the middle and towards the end, bad layout on the trails, long waits even with the fast chairs, I could keep going on. Nothing interesting in my opinion. This developpement is just one more reason NOT to go to Tremblant. It is the most overrated and overhyped mountain I know.


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My second time in hard boots was at Tremblant. The angles were killing me as it were but with all the flat spots and the kicking I had to do, I was actually reduced to tears. I dropped to the snow and started to cry. Mostly out of frustration.

Then again, I had one of the most sublime rides in my life at Tremblant two seasons ago. The entire south side was closed due to high winds. However, on the last run of the day, you could ride the south to get back to the village. You just couldn't get back up. It was pure, untracked hero snow and I was laying sweet carves for that one single run.

However, I gotta side with Derf. This announcement gives me one more reason to avoid the place. Looks like I'm headed to Bromont next season.

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