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Anybody watching the X-Games this year? Things that have really impressed me so far:

Carothers' body varial on a freakin motorcycle (motocycle did a straight air - he did a barrel roll).

The younger Yasutoko doing a double-viking-flip about a billion feet above the lip in inline skating vert.

Two more omigod moments, courtesy of the X-Games.

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Yeah, that was the best part of the Xgames for me. That gap sure separates the men from the boys. You could tell that Way had the thing wired. Of course, he came up with the idea, right?

Would I ever want to try that gap? If I could start on smaller ramps and gaps and work my way up, sure. So, my helmet is off to Way, BB, Andy Mac, Jake Brown, and the others who stepped up and did the Big Air.

As an aside, I noticed that the vert ramp which included a bowl section this year, was used very little (the bowl) by both bikers and boarders, except to carve around in it to get speed for another trick. I think roundwalls, square-ends, over-vert, and cradles could add a new element of excitement to ramp riding at the Xgames.


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Personally, I enjoy dirt jumping and riding skateparks/halfpipes on a bike. 20 inchers are too small for me, so I use a mt. bike. My favorite trick in the X-games was the bike flip. It was kind of like a kick flip on a skateboard, only on a bike. That was truly amazing. He did it off of a table top ramp in the park.

I also enjoyed Jeremy McGrath taking it to the freestyle guys on the step up. If you think about it, that is like a hardbooter going into the park and showing up the freestylers.

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I pulled into LA on the final day of the X-Games, not knowing they were going on. My cab from the airport went right by the X-games site. The first thing I see is a ramp that is 5 stories high. Then, I see this skateboarder fly off the thing and disappear. I could not believe the air he got. I yelled at the cab to stop and let me out. I paid the guy and sat on my suitcase on the sidewalk just watching 3 more guys fly off that ramp. It might have been the same guy. Then I had to go to a meeting. Damn.

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