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need help id'ng a board (and info)


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Hey All,

Was at the shop today and they brought me into the back room, where there was a quite dusty, dark red and black Rossi alpine board with Rossi bindings. Guy says it was an Accelerator, just sitting there for ages. Nose seems slighly triangular, it's 159 I believe, and there are 2 nickel sized (roughly) gashes that appear to have been epoxied (nicely but the base is slightly uneven there).

graphics remind me of an old trans am's hood, lot of curvy lines.

Any info or pics of this board (so I could positively ID it) would be greatly appreciated. How would it compare to my Alp (seemed stiffer) and suggested weight range/riding ability?

and most importantly,

how much is it worth (inc. bindings and a universal cant)?

quick web research indicated MSRP was ~ $410 and it's from 95/6.



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The Accelerator was thier sort of all mountain/free carving board. The throttle was their race deck. Pretty soft from what I remember. If they are the Rossi Race bindings they are decent. I rode some for a few years. just heavy. Not worth much imho. I would offer to take it off their hands for about 50$. Just my .02

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the late 90s would make a decent beater or lender to teach your friend with easy boards to ride

the pointy nose sounds like accelorator as does the red and grey

those boards are akin to the old Burton Alp

Freecarve is not my thing I like em a bit more racey

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i'm very light, under 150 (but hopefully gaining at least a few pounds of muscle before next season)

right now i hve a 156 freeride and 157.5 Burton Alp. $50 seems to be the consensus, can't go wrong it's so cheap


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