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Its obvious that the skiiers are just jealous again... I looked at the snowboarder that was all decked out in the picture that was posted in that "discussion", he was barely carving, and actually, it looked like he was probally skidding the turn in the photo. What's really sad is, most of the skiiers that start this "skiing is faster" nonsense have a mild to non-existant grasp of physics. If you do the math, well not really math, more its more like a physics proof, snowboards are inherently faster. Ok, you have a pair of skis, 184 cm in length, approx. 8-10 cm in waist width, average shovel at the nose, and a snowboard, 184 cm in length and about 19 cm waist and minimal shovel at the nose. If you go with the skis having a say 9 cm waist, then which of these two methods of having fun will go faster on the snow? The skis, which have a total of (minus sidecut) 2(184 x 9) cm^2 or the snowboard which has a total of 184x19 cm^2. The snowboard does. What keeps a snowboard/pair of skis moving? Surface area. Why? Because the greater the surface area, the smaller the pressure on the snow, which decreases the kinetic coefficient of friction between two bodies (for any other physics geeks on this site I know that the static friction would be greater between them, but thats a different story), and less friction means less resistance, and less resistance means more efficiency, which, on the same slope and snow conditions, the snowboard would be faster. Now, Im not going to say anything about skill or anything like that, but the fact of the matter is, a snowboard of equal length to a pair of skis will be faster. However, in a turn, a pair of skis would thoretically be faster, since they have twice as much edge on the snow at any given time, if it is a low-g turn with both skis on the snow. If that skiier picks up his inside ski to get lower and carve tighter though, all bets are off, and provided the sidecuts are identical as are the riders masses, then the two are evenly matched one again. Anybody from the skiing is faster side care to dispute this?



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cant argue with that really.

yet another who gives a **** subject. Ive gone fast enough on a carving board to actually be scared, so...thats good enough for me. if the wind is actually roaring in your ears, then...thats pretty damn fast innit?

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Originally posted by Justin A.

Anybody from the skiing is faster side care to dispute this?

Skiing is faster by all measures. End of story.

Snowboarding, however, is more fun (that's why we're all here, right?).

Your physics is wrong, btw. I can explain over AIM if you want.

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Originally posted by Neil Gendzwill

Yup, wind roaring, goretex flapping - that's the life!

and then when you slam it takes about 500 yards and 4 or 5 pushup attempts to get back up youre goin so fast:)

or you go over the nose and..well...we all know thats not pretty

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Originally posted by Tommy D

Yeah? Well my Deere is faster than your Trimmer! :p :D

You guys should see some of the chain saws out here! One guy has a 3.0 liter ford V6 powered saw with a chain off of some sort of sawmill equipment that cuts logs so fast that I'm jealous!!!! Then there are the usual suspects with Harley motors on nitrous, or the 3 cylinder snowmobile motors! I guess that wherever there are trees, trucks, and tarheels anything goes!:p
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At some point, I'd like to add some bling to my mower: neon green lighting effects, chrome wheels, flames on the bonnet ... :D I don't know about modding if for racing ... I'll be mad if my mower is faster than my car! HAHA

Those chainsaws sound awesome! My Stihl doesn't come close!

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Glad to see there is still a sense of humor out there. Here in the great PNW there is an actual chain saw museum. round here if you want to add a room you just park another car in the yard. Need a new roof? Off to Cosco for a shiny new blue poly tarp (but green and silver are equally appealing)

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