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John Kerry on a snowboard

Dave Winters

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Originally posted by crucible

He's not angulating at all

I reckon he's angulating pretty well. He's driving his knees down to the snow, but keeping his upper body fairly upright. He looks very balanced on the edge there.

Not bad for a 60 year old guy that probably doesn't get too many days on snow per year.

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Guest Ghostrider

What kind of board is he riding?

That will tell us more about the true person he really is more than any pollitical debate...

Think about it...would you rather have a president that rides Burton or Donek???

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Guest Ghostrider


By Patrick Healy, Globe Staff, 3/19/2004

"SUN VALLEY, Idaho -- Six months since his last vacation, John F. Kerry hoisted a Burton snowboard over his shoulder and climbed toward the slightly slushy slopes of Bald Mountain"


It was pointed out to me...the yellow flower zipper pull...:confused:

Also..you may have heard about this..

John Kerry: Lessons of the fall

By Kathleen Parker

Mar 31, 2004

When Sen. John F. Kerry fell -- or was toppled by a Secret Service agent -- from his perch on a snowboard recently, the would-be president clarified events with rare grace:"I don't fall down," he said. "That son-of-a-bitch ran into me."

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