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Guest theharb

just recieved boots, was wondering with the forward lean positioning should i have them both the same, much lean or not much for some clean carves?, i have ordered the 5 position lean from the bomber store but until then....

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It's all personal preference. If you dial up the upper screw/nut you can stand more upright, for the tension of the springsystem you have also dial up the bottomscrew/nut.

For more info search the forum of www.swoard.com. for Raichle or Spring and you will find lots of topics about this subject.

For example:http://www.carver.cc/galleries/photo.php?photo=130&exhibition=10&u=137|8|...



I prefer the spring above the 5-lockthing. Just modify the existing springsystem and ready you are.

Greets, Hans.

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because its very personal

it depends on

stance width




YOUR NEEDS/preference

generaly I ride with more lean in the back boot

in softer snow I relax both boots a good bit and loosen the springs I ride with less lean at the end of the day in choppy snow and when I am getting tired

early in the morning I ride with lots of lean when I really want to carve aggresively

toe/heel lift is a big factor

wide stance I like to crank the rear boot

softer freecarve boards relaxed to some degree

icey snow I need to get up on the nose

pow I free flex my boots or use softies with the front FLAD relaxed

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I agree with you Bob. As I see your quiver, I almost only see small(race-)carveboards. I only ride boards with a min. width of

22 cm. I just rode all my bindings flat nowadays. I like this the most. I am not going in all that fuss to change the settings of my boots/bindings all the time. I only ride my SWOARD in hardpacked or icy conditions. Next season I am gonna ride my new Strolz Raceplates without any suspension at all. So again a little fuss less. Otherwise I take my Volant for agressive slalom, or my Pogo for sloppy or fresh snow conditions (soft boots). I ride my AF700 hardboots as upright as I can, with a soft spring. I like the flex of my boots. So if I want the boots pushing forward or want to bent my knees, I don't have to use much strength. Is a way of not getting tired and still can ride hard or on rails.

Greets, Hans.

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