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old Madd graphics?

Guest Frappe

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Guest Frappe

Does anyone have pictures of the old Madd topsheets?

I'm working on crazy-secret design projects, and was curious about their old design

(and they haven't replied to my email, so I assume they're right busy)

So, anyone, pics?

Or at least a realllly good description?

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Originally posted by Steve Dold

I don't get it. Why is that kid looking at the flower?

The flower represents beauty, fragility and innocence, as does the child. The picture asks us to see children as delicate flowers, to respect and guard them. It also asks us to respect and guard nature, as if it were a child. It's really a beautiful statement about the world we live in.

Or something.

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Guest Frappe

Woah, I really need to get more sleep.

I read:

there's a picture of what it looks like to be a freestyle board core.

Baka, that's deep, man...like...woah. :D

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