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"I went faster than your friends on those skinny boards"...

Guest thomas_m

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Guest thomas_m

...says my 6year old son Angus who was riding his 'Salomon Team 105cm'! LOL


But seriously - got back from Hood late last night, what a great time. Friday was PERFECT, great weather, good snow and very few people. No telling how much vert I got even with a wife and kids in tow. It was soooo cool to see my kids enjoying themselves on a black diamond(rating very suspect IMO). I can hear them now telling their teachers and friends " I rode the BLACK DIAMOND runs at Mt Hood...".

Sat was windy and socked in with clouds but it was still cool to meet the other NW hardbooters and get in some vert before switching to surfing for the season.

Mucho thanks to Mike T. for organizing!


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My first Black Diamond run on a snowboard was at Boreal, a beginner resort near north Lake Tahoe. It wasn't even as steep as the top of the Palmer run, and I bet it (and Palmer @ Timberline) would be rated a green circle at Snowbird!

Keep in mind trail ratings are within the context of the resort. The Magic Mile run is rated intermediate, but would be called a beginner run next door at Mt Hood Meadows or across the way at Ski Bowl.

Anyways, Palmer deserves it's black diamond rating during the summer, when even the public lane is crowded and has racers and freestyle camp coaches going 60 miles an hour on it! I got four riding days in last summer and was hit twice at high speed, miracle nobody was hurt in either case.

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My son just turned 3 and started skiing this last season. This next season he will be swapping over to a snowboard (freestyle board with plate bindings)! He has fun skiing (even landing small jumps) but is constantly saying..."Daddy, I snowboard?" So you won't be the youngest for long!:)



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Guest thomas_m
Originally posted by slopetool

Thomas, those are some great photos. That was awesome that you brought your family and I hope it will get others to bring theirs for upcoming events. The surfing photos on your website are sweet too!


The wife and I will get passes to Stevens next year but the whole family will get Snoqualmie Summit passes. I plan to have both kids on the hill 2 or 3 days a week next season. I'm doubting very seriously they will have a problem with that, especially Angus.

The kids had a blast at Hood. That's a really great place for beginning boarders. Around here the greens are often short and the blues very bumpy...


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