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I have quite a few alpine boards custom made by Burton for me during my World Cup racing career. Most of them are GS boards (178-185) in a variety of sidecuts and flexes. If you let me know your weight and type of riding you are looking for a board for I could probably match you up with one of these. The boards are all in good shape and I will travel wax them with Dominator. Let me know if I can help any of the carvers out there out. Thanks Ian

PS the one in plastic is not for sale, Whistler Super G World Cup, Goodwill Games and US Open GOLD!


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Price is trying to figure out his log in issue but asked me to post these pictures of his boards. He also sent me a binding part picture in case anyone is looking for any of the goods he has, and he has lots. I guess when you grow up in the town Burton started in, you have good connections! Any way we wants to spread his wealth of carving parts. you can get in touch with him at ianpriice@aol.com if you need to ask questions before he gets his log in issue resolved.



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thanks for all the info bud, sell Brett(Fanman) the Donek. Solid guy to deal with:biggthump.

Sounds like a killer board. I have a couple Doneks with Olympic and they are SWEET! Let me know on the SL boards. Take it easy.


Hi Big Canuck,

I would sell the sl board for $200. It is a great board and it is 20 at the waist so it will carve though that chatter and sluff.

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Hello Ian,

I'm interested in the light blue FP and the yellow one on it's left. I have two FP team boards with 178mm waists' and I love them.

How long are they, and the stiffer the better. It looks like the yellow one on the far left is a 189 and the light blue, black and yellow one on the right are 185's?

P.S. also seeking aluminum 4x4 discs.


Dave R.

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Hi Everyone,

I have gotten many questions about the boards that I have available and feel that I didn't really supply all the info, just a picture. Here is a list of the Boards and their stats that I know. It has been a while so I am not 100% sure of all the stats but will do my best.

I have to throw this in for people not familiar with the Burton Flex rating system. Burton put IE #'s on all the boards that they custom built for us so we had an idea of what we liked. The higher the # the stiffer the board. I weighed 185 when I was racing (wish I could say that now) and I preferred a 580ish IE # Jasey was probably around 160lbs and liked a 630 IE# and Klug was 220?? and liked about the same as Jasey for IE#, it is all personal preference but maybe that helps.

All the boards have been in wax since they were last ridden or if they are new they have been waxed since I recieved them. The wax is a non-Floru Dominator wax so it will be fine for dry or wet snow areas. You can always add Floru's! I have listed them from left to right from my previous picture.

$400 Burton 189-195 waist width IE.638 BRAND NEW never seen bindings I believe the radius is a 16.5m.

$350 Burton 185-180 waist width IE 484 VERY SOFT brand new I think that the radius was 16.5m on these boards

$400 Burton 185-195 waist width IE 595 BRAND NEW again with a 16.5m sidecut.

$200 Burton 157-200 waist width IE ? around 570 used with a 8.8m sidecut.

$400 DONEK 182-205 waist width I belive it is the GSa03 model. It is the Olympic model.

$400 Burton 182-200 waist width IE 576 BRAND NEW with a 15m sidecut

$375 F2 182-195 waist width IE around 560 a 16.4m sidecut Used slightly but in excellent shape. (This is my vote for best board!!)

OK I feel better about this but realize there will still be lots more questions. Fanman came by today to snatch up the Donek that about 15 of you wanted but than relized he already had two to the models that I have. That is good news for the rest of you since this has been the more popular request. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions you might have and pray for SNOW!


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