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Killer source for inline skate wheels???


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I'm looking for a good online source for buying wheels for inline skates. There are tons of places out there and they all say they are the greatest. :freak3:

I want wheels 82mm to 84.5mm, must accept 608 bearings, durometer 84 or higher. I scored a set of 10 on ebay a couple months ago that I really like and now my gf wants some so she can keep up!:eek:

I'm just not willing to pay $6 to $10 per wheel that most shops are charging. :argue:

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Sometimes on ebay, you can buy new skates cheaper than a set of wheels, especially in slow selling sizes. It always seems such a waste when I end up throwing away brand new skates that I have stripped the wheels from. I guess I could put old wheels back in and sell them at Play it again sports.


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yep, roger that... I was at our Play it Again looking to do the same thing but couldn't find the right combination of size/durometer/wear. There were a lot of good used skates at really decent prices, but none had the wheels I wanted. My present set of 10 cost $24.96 total (wheels and shipping). I got them from a skateboard shop in Detroit where they had been gathering dust for a while. As an added bonus... because they had been sitting around so long the urethane continued to age and get harder as it cross-linked more. Once I broke thru the slick outer skin I got good grab with low rolling resistance.

Well, gotta go. The dishwasher is very helpfull, but it has never loaded itself! :D

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