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Rope Stringing Complete for New Gondola Connecting Ski Mountains in Whistler

Pat Donnelly

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with an unsupport span width of 1.8 miles, isn't it a little susceptible to being moved around a lot in a stiff breeze? How do they dampen something like this out? Who is going to hose off the glass bottom after the inevitable sea sickness? I know I would ride it, especially if the wind was up.


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I'd imagine being such large cars and such a large span (ie, large mass) it won't really feel like it's moving all that much. Taking the analogy to an extreme, it's kind of like standing at the top of the gateway arch... It moves, but the frequency is so slow that you don't notice it unless you're really sensitive.

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I can see how everyone will want to take one ride and that's about it. Why do I need to go Peak to Peak anyways? If I'm at the peak, don't I want to ride down? What would be a lot more useful is a gondola that travels from Blackcomb base village to Whistler base village. It's a bitch walking that in hard boots. That might also relieve some of the pressure on the bars at Whistler base and give the Blackcomb merchants more business.

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