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vintage snowboard


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hi guys, i have i nice vintage collection of snowboard, they are around 25 maybe more i need sale, there is someone is interested to buy them? actualy i will preffer sell at just one person and pick up only.

the board have binding eccept one or two and they are all burton and sims like the 1700 ultimate and 1600 fe.

burton air prototype, mistery air differnt kelly's safari .

they are in very good shape someone almost new example the safari and the 1700 ultimate!

i can't take the pic rigth now but i will work on it!

for all collection i ask 6.500$


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guy's i'm sorry if i have post so late, but very busy in this period.

the pics i will post some of these boards are not for sale like the rounnd tail sims in the burton bag, and one of the cruzer and 1 of the 3 jeff brushie.



when you guys contact me, please wrote the e mail adress becouse i don't know way but outlook, show me the user but not the e mail

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guys, tanx for the interest, but i realy want sell all together, and pick up only will be better you know what mean pack 23 boards? i can't handle.

i think it's very easy, come in my home take a look put the boards your track and is done.

ps. in the pic maybe someone is without binding but don't warry exept one or two they are compleate of binding.

tanx for the attenction

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