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filetype question


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I know if you use quicktime, if you have a registered version, you can comver file types quite easily. its under the file menu and export option from there you can change file extensions etc. click on options and you will have tons of controll over the quality etc.

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Eww... mov/asx/wmv...yucky.

Use some DivX variant...say, XviD. Much better picture quality for the file size. Also, one file is compatible with both mac and PC.

Edit in uncompressed, then when you have the finished video, (if you want it to be digital...), convert to XviD. Much better quality...

And if the footage is originally interlaced, please, please de-interlace it first...

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Sorenson squeeze is your friend: It outputs in real, wmv, and quicktime (the later using the sorenson codec which gives the sharpest images, it does batch conversion meaning you just can output 10 different versions without having to be in front of the machine: you come back in the morning and check which get the best results. (works both on mac and pc)

xvid is a good codec too.

What platform / OS do u use?


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Originally posted by CarvCanada

xvid... a codec is that a program i open up and convert stuff with... doesn't it just sit there and allow a program to work?

Codec stands for COder/DECoder. It is just a sort of plugin for a program that does the conversion, it is not a program by itself. There are plenty of programs that do video editing, but easy to use and/or free, that's another story.


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