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WTT Raichle tongues


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I have some old raichle tongues for boots sized MP25 to MP 27.5 The silver ones seem to be soft and the black ones are stiffer. they are in OK condition, they have some rub marks from being used inside the shell of a boot. There is also a rear spoiler for boots too. I think they fit all sizes.

If anyone has some stiffer tongues for size 30MP lemans boots, I would be willing to trade.

If not, I will send these out for shipping and Karma.

fleagalbaum@h o t m a i l.com


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Joe, I will wait a week to see if anyone wants to trade, then Kaida has first dibs, I dont know if he wants both or what but you are next.

I am guessing they are for the sb series., they are the same as my lemans boots, just too small



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The reason I asked for both is because I wanted both a soft and stiff tongue for my boot to try out the difference. However, I've got a pair of 324's with gold tongues and have no idea if those are softer or stiffer than either of those tongues. Does anyone know?

If you have a broken/cracked tongue that needs replacing, I would more than gladly yield the pair you want. Otherwise, I'll be glad to offer you the pair I find redundant with my current tongues.

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Your 423 gold tongues are softer then both the sets that you're getting from Fleaman.

I have a set of soft tongues in 25-27.5, color gray, NOT the same as Fleaman's gray ones. These are "soft" where Fleaman's gray ones are "medium" and the dark green ones are "hard". I can send them out for the cost of shipping if anyone needs them.

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