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Carving near Eerie, PA?


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try Pknpk.com....Peak N'Peek is no slouch lots of fun...you better like hotdogging on short boards to keep from getting hit by dopey skiiers.

Or drive out to Holiday Valley new york very nice longer steeper runs.or during the week go to Holimont on the backside of Holiday Vallet .Private but open to the public during the week.they are real grooming artists......we get fantastic lake effect snow storms and the way we are living on borrowed time this fall we will get one heck of a snowy winter.Its nothing to get 20 days of lake effect in a row here..to the point where you have to get up and shovel off any flat roofs ......bring a couple differrent kinds of boards and setups (soft,hard) also bring your steelhead rod if you like stream fishing for big lake run rainbow trout. we are having one heck of a season here at present....check it out on utube(steelhead fishing in erie pa).........we rock (literally) so bring a rock board!!!! I'm in waterford about 10 miles south of erie.

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Well, this is starting to sound better than I feared. I'm guessing Pknk is about 40min from Eerie? How are the roads, most likely I'll have a rental that the company sets me up with so likely not 4x4 or awd but then again I've never rented up there so...


p.s. nothing in stone yet, this is just recon for now.

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On dry pavement and littl etraffic you can take the back way up to the Peak and be there in less than 30 minutes easy.......i would say make sure you get at least a good front wheel drive car with good all weather tires. i went for years with an old Dodge caravan.....throw a shovel in the back and some kitty litter in case you get stuck.......Fish dinner at the French Creek Tavern....doesnt get any better......

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PknPk, 15 min. from Erie... not alot of vertical but fun, wide runs, lots of people on weekends. Go early avoid the crowds.

Kissing Bridge, 1½ Hrs from Erie. Not as big as Holiday but good runs and grooming. When I race there they groom the hill after the skiers for us... real friendly place.

Holiday Valley, 1¾ Hrs from Erie. Lots of hills to get away from crowds.

Swain, 2½ Hrs from Erie. Awesome grooming and real carver friendly. Its a 4 Hr drive for me and I do it often... its that good.

Cockaigne, ¾ Hr from Erie. Nice wide runs, some of the longest in the area. Smaller area and not as crowded.

Bristol Mtn. At least as far as Swain, excellent terrain and grooming. Some very steep runs and also long.

If you go into Ohio the hills get shorter. Not worth it, You could drive to KB or HV in the same time as going to hills around Cleveland.

Hope this helps some and maybe I'll see you out some time. I ride a Madd W/ Cateks.


P.S. Times are approx as I usually drive the SL.

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Thanks guys for the replies. and Chuck the ones you mentioned sound decent. I grew up riding in the East at Massanutten, Snowshoe, and Wintergreen and dealing with a 6hr drive. It'll be like old times but with a shorter drive. Hell it'll even be less than the 3.5+ I normally do every weekend here in Tahoe.

Even though I'll hate being away from the family and dogs for 7wks, it looks like my carving season isn't totally blown. I'll send word out if I make it out there. I'm also diggin the night riding...cheap midweek prices my wallet likey.

Fingers crossed, got interview this Fri:biggthump


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Guest KrudKarver

Wow..I never realized there were so many of us locals here...

Holimont is THE Place for carving during the week. Some times Erie Sports off of Peach street has coupons for ~20/day. I'd love to meet up with you guys to go sometime.

PeaknPeak is pretty much a bad joke (for carving) on most days. Figure 10minutes up, 30-40 seconds down...with a flat area about halfway down.

Holiday valley has relatively tame longer runs and steep, short chutes....about 50 minutes or so from Erie..(I dont know HOW I get there so fast seeing how it takes me 2hours from Grove City!??)ahem..

I cant wait to use my new board from Bruce..

EastCoastIcerider: Let's do some steelhead fishing! I'll be up in Erie tomorrow evening (5-ish) and friday afternoon for work..but, that wont last long if I find a creek that isn't blown out.

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Well ,,, since I have been stuck in Da Land of the Cleve for EVER! I tell ya what I think..

Holimont.. good weekday get away... good grooming.

Holiday Valley ...Avoid it like the Plauge!! It is packed.. it is the most visited ski area in NY!!!!! it gets dem Canadians.. Maryland, Virginia, and every other state on the planet... only attempt Holiday on a weekday... other than that..I think the set up of the hills suck .but thats just me.. Holimont is the choice here in this area.. :nono:

Kissing Bridge is fun.. and not as crowded.. good clean fun.. :)

Peak and Peak is not much challange but in the morning the groom is perfect and 4 hour pass is all that you need.. we ride up in the morning..start at 8:30 and board in two hours ..and its all done before anyone shows up!! :freak3:

Bristal is good but the snow just hasn't been there in the past 10 years so we never make it up..

Seven Springs is my favorite but must be first chair before the rest of earth shows up and scrapes the hell out of it.. by noon...its a sheet of Plex glass.. but best bang for the buck!! :biggthump

We are either at the peak for a quick ride on sat or sunday,, or we are heading to Seven Springs.. if we burn a vacation day during the week its either holimont or the springs again..

Have at it.. :lurk:

Right Said Shred

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Lots of good info dropped. Thanks guys. Interview went good, just waiting to hear back. Looks like it may be end of Jan through begining of march timeframe.

Also found out I will have a company van to use but will likely have to share it with some other coworkers so I may not be entirely mobile. I won't be able to do any full day midweeks but should be able to pull off a few evenings here and there and definitely weekends. I better stop talking before I jinx myself.


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