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Coiler RaceCarve 175, 1 season used

Guest leouto

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I bought it in 2006 and rode 1 season. Coiler RaceCarve 175, WWC 175 RC20C 07RH1 6.75 (These are the letters and #s etched into the side wall indicating the flex and other specific deminsions of the board) This board should be a perfect carving board for anyone 5" 8" to 6" 1" tall and from 145# to 180#.

waist = 200mm, the tip = 260mm and the tail = 255mm

1. Coiler RaceCarve 175 = $415+Shipping

2. 280mm UPZ Boots


3. Snowpro Race LTD Step-in



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Length of the binding is adjustable.

I must be able to fit your size.

The attached photo is form UPZ boots web site.

If you are interested in the binding and need the pictures of my binding, I can send you. It's in pretty good condition. Don't woory.


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Whats the SCR?

Coiler 175 RaceCarve is a standard shape, running length 157(cm), waist width 18.8(cm), sidecut radius 11.5(m), tail taper 2(mm), stance width 18 ->19.5(inches), insert pattern 2x4/8, rider weight 150+ (lbs)

Very nice board....I've been on mine for 3 years now and still love it

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