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Crappy board or not


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Sadly, most of the riders out there do not realize that the equipment they ride is complete crap. Many are not good enough to notice the difference.

One of the problems with this quote is many riders may be good enough to realize they are on crappy equipment but never really get the chance to try out other boards. Some people think that the current board they are riding is the best thing since sliced bread only because they have never really had the chance to ride anything better. Which brings me to my point, who is to say what equipment is crap is what is not crap. If you say it is, you better have ridden alot of hindreds of boards and understand every ones riding style.

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jt... looks to me like you took DT's quote out of context.

Here is the thread where his quote came from: The Price of Soft Booting

There is a lot of cheap garbage out there in the soft boot world. Lucky for us there isn't cheap garbage in the hard boot world. There is older stuff for carving that some would consider "outdated junk" (there's been plenty of opinionated discussion on that already)... but, after reading it again, I don't think that's what DT's quote is referring to. Maybe he will see this and have some input.

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