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New Mexico Carving

Guest TriRunner

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Guest TriRunner

Any suggestions on where the best places to lay some turns in the Land of Enchantment? Going to be in the greater Santa Fe Area for business mixed with a little pleasure.

Opinions on Santa Fe, Angel Fire, Parajito, Sipapu welcomed. Are snow levels below normal this year?

Thanks so much.


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Last I checked, Pajarto's only open on wedensday and weekends. Ski Apache's my local mountain, but it'd be way out of the way for you. I would suggest either Angel Fire or Santa Fe. I would put my money on Taos. -smirk-

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im going to be at nationals, and im satying in a little town called red river with its own mountain. ive never been there in winter, let alone spring, so im not shure how good the runs and snow will be, but you wont be the only carver out there.

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Guest Ninjette

I lived in NM for about 3 years and pretty much learned to snowboard at Sante Fe ski basin. That was about 4 years ago. It is a nice mountain. (I just started in hardboots this season). In fact Santa Fe is where I saw my first "trench" among perfect courduroy.....I was still on skiis at the time and while we were on the lift I looked down and asked my friend what had made such a beautiful line in the snow?? she on softies responded that a carving board had. That image has never left my mind and was a big inspiration into my pursuits onto a hard set up today

I have not been to Angle Fire although I have friends that live and teach snowboaring there. In fact I think they are involved in the upcoming event.

I think that the snow levels should be pretty decent as some of the storms that were supposded to hit CO (I am in Boulder), seemed to have dropped south. It can be icey but still fun..... Even though I do not live there anymore, I keep my eye on the snow totals since my friends are there...

Northern NM is an awesome place. If you do wind up riding at Sante Fe, you may want to book a Hot Tub at 10,000 waves. It is at the lower part of the road off to the left going towards the ski basin. All the tubs are outside among the Pinon Trees and they are open till about 11:00 pm. You can book a private tub to soak in after a hard day of riding....or if you are into "random acts of nakedness" you can soak in the communal tub... although I think you need to be covered after 8:00 pm. I had a nice soak there on my annual october pilgramage to visit my friends...the soak was a welcome reilef after taking quite a "header" off of my mountain bike!

And yes Muerte is a nice run. I can see how it would be great for carving.

Have fun......


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