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Iranian Alpine ?


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I was talking about snowboarding with some Brits while in Diego Garcia last spring and the subject of Snowboarding in Iran. From what they said it has amazing snow and terrain.

And from what I hear they love American tourists. Especially Jewish American Tourists.

Actually, from what I've heard, other than the official stuff, most locals actually do like tourists and are quite nice. But you basically get assigned the equivalent of a KGB escort once you formally register that you'll be a tourist and they have a tough time grasping that you are visiting to go skiing.

Given the Israeli visa stamp in my passport, I think it would be a good idea for me to get a new passport if I were going to visit any arab countries.

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I have the reverse problem....I have visited a few states in the persian gulf so if I have to go to Israel I have to get a new passport...no one with a history of traveling to the gulf is allowed in. I lost a trip there because of my passport...I now have two

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It seems to me there is footage of Craig Kelly (et al) riding in Iran in the late '80s. There is also an article in of the now defunct Snowboard Journals' on boarding in Iran.

Also, see earlier Concrete Wave magazine for an article on pool/ramp skating in Iran during the late '90s.

Very cool to see alpine alive and well worldwide.

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